For a little while I’ve been working on a first real (at least for me) project - an implementation of Conway’s Game of Life in Javascript. It was one of the exercises in excellent book Eloquent Javascript and first one that actually made me really interested in programming process itself. For couple of days I wasn’t eating and sleeping and just programming this thing and thinking about it. And when it was actually done - that was really amazing. I haven’t felt myself like this since childhood. Good start of the year! So, the source for the game can be found on my Github, and you can play it right below! The usage is very basic, but I’m sure that I will continue to contribute to the project to make it more user-friendly and nice.

Click on Randomize button, then Start, relax and watch magic.


There is a lot written about this particular game - start from wikipedia and move on. I suggest you try a few patterns (refresh page, click on canvas to change color, then start):









Have fun!